When you buy a house, you buy the dirt... and the house comes with it.

Under All is DIRT

We LOVE Dirt!

we do Amazing Things for You

The old photos remind us how much Fort Worth/Arlington have grown since the 19th century. And real estate has boomed with it. Our MLS Realtors are 14,000 strong and we offer our listings to all. They have our backs and we have yours.

In addition to our MLS listing service, we are licensed to help you reduce your property taxes as licensed Property Tax Agents by TDLR. It’s a complex system and we have been helping thousands since  1985.

When things go wrong in tax appeals, many resort to lawsuits or arbitration. The State Comptroller has a Registry of Arbitrators and Tracy is one of them. When arbitration is your recourse, you may request him to be the one to listen to the evidence and place a final value on your property.