Below is a “quick and dirty” link for property owners to see the MLS listings that have sold in the subdivision or TAD’s NHC, a misnomer for Neighborhood Code.
Most property owners find it difficult to jump thru the hoops necessary to be successful in a protest hearing at TAD.

Finding recent sale sale prices is not an easy task because sale price is NOT public. It is available to Realtors and appraisers and very few select others. In layman terms, the sale price is private and most Texans want to keep it that way. 

We have created a link that will allow you to enter your TAD Account number and search for properties that have sold in your Subdivision or the TAD Neighborhood Code.

The TAD account number is a 8 digit number. If you do not know your TAD Account number, click here to go to TAD website.

Click here to Search for Sales.
When completed, return to Texas Market Value.