Property Tax Service

Property Tax Service

If you believe your property taxes are too high, and you want to do something about it. You may be at the right place. We have been doing that for our clients since 1985.

For the average taxpayer, lowering the value is not easy.  It is very time consuming and complex!  You must protest to the appraisal district whether you get a Notice of Value or not.  The window of time is critical. Miss it and you have to wait until next year. To win, you must have evidence and that is hard to obtain, unless you have access to recent comparable sales. And the actual ARB hearing may be challenging, full of rules and time constraints.  

The Rules set by the Legislature and State Comptroller are published in 2 books for $20.
Each CAD follows these rules and when a taxpayer misses one, guess what?
His protest is dismissed and later he mutters, “wait ’till next year” as he writes the check for this year’s tax.

What’s probably the best solution?

Hire US to Help You
Reduce your Property Taxes

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