Our Property Tax and Realtor Specilist

Linda Davis Stanley
Tracy Stanley

Linda is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive background in the mortgage, title and property tax business. She is an accomplished veteran at digging through properties to fit the job at hand. It may be a buyer or seller of a residential house  or property owner seeking relief of property taxes. She is tenacious in the hunt! 

She came to Texas Market Value with high marks and credentials. A long-time resident of Tarrant County, she continues her service for her clients.

Tracy has helped thousands with their real estate needs including finding a new home, and then, many years later, sell it!.
He is a former recipient of MLS Listing Agent of the year and the publisher of
The Stanley Report, a go-to book of home sales for the Realtor and appraiser.  Also a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute; a Certified Real Estate Specialist and Realtor Emeritus from the National Association of Realtors.

He is  ready to continue his work as an agent for you today