Real Estate Services

Selling the Dirt

Our specialty is houses and, of course the dirt upon which it sits! We love owners of real estate and raw land. In today’s market, a good listing and a better agent make for a smooth, quick closing. We have been helping sellers close their properties for 40+ years.  We are long time residents of Tarrant County, Arlington and Dalworthington Gardens.

We strive to find a ready, willing and qualified buyer that needs to close quick and has been approved by a lender. Cash sales may be great, but they are few and far between

The Texas A&M Real Estate Center has the latest data for Texas Land Report. And it also published the 2020 4th quarter Texas Housing Report for Texas, Tarrant County and Arlington. Good stuff.

One of the best is a result of Covid-19 and the rush from urban buyers and the stampede to rural Texas, “See Ya Later” 


Helping the Buyer

There are many lookers and Buyers in this crazy market. Houses sell fast! to the ones who have done their homework. The winners carry the lender approval letter with them and are usually one of the 1st to see the new listing.

It is the new normal for the buyer to have made multiple offers, only to lose all but the last.  As the buyer’s agent our task is work smart and be fast to find the one that meets his demands. It is not a one day deal.

Anything else, and we become an Uber service of chasing keys and driving a taxi for free.